Easy Movement for Maintenance and Cleaning…

Once I saw MagVent I knew this was a great product. Moving a dryer to clean behind it is usually extremely difficult if not impossible due to the vent hose. This product allows easy movement for maintenance or cleaning. I fabricated this metal shroud for the vent as I had a large hole in the […]

This is a Great Product!

“This is a great product! It saves the hassle of the long duct lines.  The MagVent MV-180 was easy to install, and the self-aligning magnets are great.” – Wes P. #DryerVent #Laundry #EnergyEfficiency #FireSafety #HomeImprovement #MagVent #ClothesDryer #Appliances #DIY #SpaceSavings #Dryer www.magvent-dryervent.com

Couldn’t Be Happier With the Quality and How It Works!

“My MagVent MV-180 Installation is completed, and works perfectly. It could not have been easier. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. We are doing a major remodel of our lower level, and both carpenter and tile contractors remarked how well it looked and worked. They both wanted info on where I purchased it […]

Well Worth the Money…

“I just installed the MagVent MV-180, and it was pretty easy. I took my time, and cut away baseboard. It was well worth the money. I have replaced the vent so many times I can’t count. I always had leak issues, and the hose would seem to pop off constantly. Now it should work! I […]

MagVent Was a Life Saver…

“My wife and I bought a stackable washer and dryer, and converted a closet on the second story of our house into a laundry room. I racked my brain for a long time on how I was going to be able hook them up once in the closet with limited space. At first I tried […]

I Tell Everyone about MagVent…

“I’ve moved, re-moved, and finally stacked my stupid dryer sooo many times over the years. Thankfully my vent hole was measured exactly, and lines up well – but still needed a somewhat “unconventional” multi-layered vent run, baled together with some electrical wire, to be able to push it in straight without crushing the metal. I found […]

Highly Recommended

“The MagVent dryer vent is a terrific product that is ideal for making a dryer vent connection with limited space. The magnetic mount allows for a secure/tight connection and is super easy to install. I am super satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it.” Christopher H. #DryerVent #Laundry #EnergyEfficiency #FireSafety #HomeImprovement #MagVent #ClothesDryer […]

Thank You For A Great Product!

“When we first purchased our home, the dryer was hooked up using a flimsy foil duct as you can see in the before photo. I saw an ad for MagVent online and ordered the MagVent MV-90 kit the next day. This is a much cleaner installation and will not trap lint like the foil duct […]

MagVent Preferred to Old Fashioned Venting Method

“I installed a MagVent MV-90 recently, and prefer it to the old machine-to-flex-pipe-to-wall method of venting a dryer. I can now push the two machines closer together and pull the dryer away from the wall without worrying about damaging the vent connection.” -Nick D. #DryerVent #Laundry #EnergyEfficiency #FireSafety #HomeImprovement #MagVent #ClothesDryer #Appliances #DIY #SpaceSavings #Dryer

MagVent Made My Life So Easy…

“When we moved into our new home, one of the tasks I dreaded the most was installing my dryer. I had seen a couple of YouTube videos, and was curious about MagVent. I mentioned my curiosity to my brother-in-law who immediately began to rave about the MagVent he had recently purchased. So I took the […]