I Tell Everyone about MagVent…

“I’ve moved, re-moved, and finally stacked my stupid dryer sooo many times over the years. Thankfully my vent hole was measured exactly, and lines up well – but still needed a somewhat “unconventional” multi-layered vent run, baled together with some electrical wire, to be able to push it in straight without crushing the metal.

I found the MagVent MV-180 when replacing my washer, and knowing I was going to have to move those things again, figured any way to make it easier would make me happier. Your product definitely did so. [I just have to get a new set of 90-degree hoses so I can slide back that last inch or so…]

I tell everyone about it, and even spec it in my architectural drawings [Barefoot Design Group, St. John USVI].”  -Ted C.

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