MagVent Made My Life So Easy…

“When we moved into our new home, one of the tasks I dreaded the most was installing my dryer. I had seen a couple of YouTube videos, and was curious about MagVent. I mentioned my curiosity to my brother-in-law who immediately began to rave about the MagVent he had recently purchased. So I took the plunge.

The moment I opened the box I was holding the best built dryer vent I had ever held. It felt so sturdy. I looked at the space I had to work with at home, and immediately felt confident I could knock this out with my handy new sidekick. MagVent made installation a breeze. I have included pictures of the before and after. I walked away feeling like a pro. Thanks for this product. It made my life so easy.” -Scott T.

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MagVent Solved the Problem

“Our dryer has a side vent and the distance between the dryer and the wall is only 7 inches, making conventional taping very difficult. The dryer door requires a firm closing and that sometimes caused the light weight dryer to move on the hard floor. Even slight movement would cause the dryer to disconnect from the vent. I decided to use the MagVent MV-180 and that solved the problem. Now even slight movement can be accommodated by the MagVent.” -Chuck R.


MagVent Has Manufactured an Extraordinary Product

MagVent has manufactured an extraordinary product. For a decade, with frustration I have had to periodically move our gas dryer in an extremely tight location. This required contortionist maneuvers for a poor outcome. One instance was for a purchase of a new dryer; other times were to reestablish the duct connection to limit dust and lint. Then last month, our gas dryer stopped functioning. We were preparing to purchase a new one; however, I thought it was time to assess the entire duct system.

The duct consisted of a two-foot flexible duct from the dryer that proceeded to an elbow below to the basement ceiling. The prior home owner’s addition had a ten-foot horizontal section to the exit, which involved another three-foot flexible duct. This was not ideal because there was a total of five elbows. I cleaned the entire duct length; the amount of lint could have stuffed a small pillow.

I discussed my problem with a co-worker, and we searched the Internet and found your advertisement. It was challenging to adjust the “periscope” matching height to my dryer pedestal. At the conclusion of the project, the magnet connection was about as exciting as docking the space station. Using my son’s GoPro camera and a light on a string, we inspected the coupling. With your MagVent 90, the only flexible duct is from your product—just inches at the dryer; and the total elbow count was reduced to four.

The best part: The gas dryer works; it must have been a heat and vent sensor. We feel safer that a clogged dryer vent fire hazard has been prevented. The old disconnected dryer elbow serves as airflow for the tight space. We saved $700 by canceling our new dryer order. I am now more informed, and I have told others about your invention.

Please refer to the photos; the old elbow duct is on the left, and I drilled a new hole for optimal positioning.” Kevin C.

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Great Product and Highly Recommended

MagVent was super easy to install, and makes dryer removal and pipe cleaning a breeze. Great product and highly recommended.” – Gary P.

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Great Product!

“We just ordered our second MagVent. We had the MV-180 installed in our Airbnb, and we liked it so much we decided to get another one. Great product!” -Perry S.

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Great Invention!

“I am appreciative of the MagVent product. It solves a lifelong aggravation. Now I am able to access the back of the dryer without the long snake piping, or aggravating screws/bolts.
Our application closed off the underground run that was encased in concrete. It had some turns that were catching the brush and the cool concrete caused increased condensation, attracting moist lint.
With the MV-90, now we have a shorter run above ground. I was able to take the run behind the washer and dryer…there was no tearout…other than a new hole on the exterior wall. I am excited to think I will be able to keep up with the maintenance. Great invention!” -Carol M.
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Five Star Product!

“This is one of those products that after receiving you immediately think, why didn’t I think of that! I have a side vent out of my dryer that had a gap of about 7 inches between the wall and the dryer. Not exactly optimal for attaching a vent hose to a fixed piece of vent pipe. The instructions were very easy to follow, and the product is well made. The added benefit of the product is that it gives you an excellent excuse to clean behind and inside your dryer of dangerous lint (I am a 17 year fireman in the busiest fire dept in the country). The included clamp for the outlet of the dryer was a huge plus!  Also the supplied piece of flex venting on my MagVent MV-180 kit was of good quality, not the typical foil aluminized flex hose garbage you get from a Home Depot install kit. This is a 5 Star product that is well made, and will decrease your drying time, and allow you to easily clean your dryer, dryer area and your vent piping.” -Jonathon C.

#DryerVent #Laundry #EnergyEfficiency #FireSafety #HomeImprovement #MagVent #ClothesDryer #Appliances #DIY #SpaceSavings

MagVent MV-90 Installation Was a Breeze…

“Before I installed the MagVent, I was unable to push my dryer as far back as I’d like. In fact, I was unable to move my dryer AT ALL because the exhaust vent was constantly popping off with the slightest movement.

Installation of the MagVent MV-90 was a breeze with the provided instructions, and it looks great when completed. My dryer is right where I want it to be. And now, my dryer can also be pulled out for cleaning under and around or for finding that loose coin!” -Chris W.

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Super Easy to Install & Very Happy with Purchase

“My current vent was held together with lots of tape and it was a chore to clean the machine and the room. Super easy to install and very happy with my MagVent Purchase. “ -Robbie P.


The following photos illustrate a modified MV-180 installation using a hose clamp where the wall bracket could not be used.



The MagVent has helped me so much!

“The MagVent has helped me so much! My wife would tell me ‘Well I’m drying the towels for the third time’. We live a busy life between our 2 boys, us, our jobs and rest of our family. We don’t have time to be drying loads of clothes 2 and 3 times. I found MagVent and ordered it. Got it installed within 15 minutes, and it has worked like a charm. Asked my wife the other day how many times she had to run the dryer for the load, and she said just once. Great product!”  -Zach M.