Five Star Product!

“This is one of those products that after receiving you immediately think, why didn’t I think of that! I have a side vent out of my dryer that had a gap of about 7 inches between the wall and the dryer. Not exactly optimal for attaching a vent hose to a fixed piece of vent pipe. The instructions were very easy to follow, and the product is well made. The added benefit of the product is that it gives you an excellent excuse to clean behind and inside your dryer of dangerous lint (I am a 17 year fireman in the busiest fire dept in the country). The included clamp for the outlet of the dryer was a huge plus!  Also the supplied piece of flex venting on my MagVent MV-180 kit was of good quality, not the typical foil aluminized flex hose garbage you get from a Home Depot install kit. This is a 5 Star product that is well made, and will decrease your drying time, and allow you to easily clean your dryer, dryer area and your vent piping.” -Jonathon C.

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