MagVent LLC’s Revolutionary Magnetic Dryer Vent Product Line.

cropped-MV-90-AMAZON.jpgMagVent MV-90: For 90° Applications.

A Self-Aligning, Surface Mounted Unit for New & Existing Construction.cropped-MV-180-PR_SM.jpgMagVent MV-180: For 180° Applications.

A Self-Aligning, Surface Mounted Unit for New & Existing Construction.

MV-FLEX PR_SMMagVent MV-Flex: For Any Direction Applications.

A Magnetically Aligning, Surface Mounted Unit for New & Existing Construction.

The MV-90 is ingenious!

“I finally did it!!! I saw your product advertised a few years ago on the NBC Today show and thought it was a great idea. I have always had issues with the existing vent anytime I pulled the dryer out to clean behind it. I just installed yesterday all without the help of my husband.   Love it.    I have already shown it to someone and they thought it was ingenious.”

-Sue P.

It made my life so easy!

”When we moved into our new home one of the tasks I dreaded the most was installing my dryer.

I had seen a couple of YouTube videos and was curious about MagVent. I mentioned my curiosity to my brother n law who immediately began to rave about the MagVent he had recently purchased. So I took the plunge.

The moment I opened the box I was holding the best built dry vent I had ever held. It felts so sturdy. I looked at the space I had to work with at home and immediately felt confident I could knock this out with my handy new sidekick. MagVent made installation a breeze. I have included pictures of the before and after. I walked away feeling like a pro.

Thanks for this product. It made my life so easy.”

-Scott T.

Easy install, well worth the money! Testimonial with pictures.

“I just installed magvent and it was pretty easy. I took my time and I had to cut away base board; well worth the money. I have replaced the vent so many times I can’t count. I always had leak issues and the tubes would seem to pop off constantly. Now it should work, and I really like that I don’t have to undo a clamp and reinstall one when I have to pull the dryer out!”

-Bev S.

What a wonderful product! Testimonial with pictures.

“What a wonderful product! In our original search for a solution to our son’s dryer vent situation at his newly purchased home, we found MagVent and realized that it would not only work for him but for our dryer also. Ordered double parts and went to work on ours first. Did not realize how bad our lint situation was! It took longer to clean up all the lint mess from original hookup than to install new system. What a difference in drying time with new MagVent also. So our search led us to this wonderful product!”

-Laura C.

The MagVent is an awesome find! Testimonial with pictures.

“We purchased the MagVent, because we were converting a main floor closet into a new laundry center. Installing a stackable laundry unit in a closet on our main floor, we really needed to save space.
The MagVent is an awesome find! Thank you!”

Merle F.

Unique product that delivers on its promise! Testimonial with pictures.

“I have side-by-side stacked washers/dryers within cabinetry. The space is tight and contorting a traditional vent hose in this space was nearly impossible. MagVent was a clean and elegant alternative. Thank you for a unique product that delivers on its promise.”

-Richard P.

Shipped promptly, easy to install, easy to clean! Testimonial with pictures.

“The MagVent part was shipped promptly and delivered in great shape. I think the packaging was very well thought out. The installation was super easy and I can’t imagine needing to replace it for the life of the house. It will make cleaning the vent so much easier now that I am not dealing with the clamps and the old semi rigid vents.”

Gino A.


There are many ways that improperly maintained dryer vents may have a negative effect on you and your family. A clogged or clamped off dryer vent hose is a perfect host to mold growth which can lead to an array of respiratory illnesses. Molds can cause a variety of symptoms, such as nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, eye irritation, wheezing and coughing, and possibly skin irritations as well. A properly maintenanced dryer vent can prevent mold growth in your laundry room. A MagVent product such as the MV-90, MV-180, or the MV-Flex, can reduce humidity levels by providing a proper ventilation system that is super easy to clean and maintain. The magnets allow a much easier cleaning process than your traditional dryer vent system. A MagVent product, a properly designed duct system, and routine cleaning are the solutions to boost dryer efficiency, decrease mold accumilation, and save energy and space!