MagVent was Smooth and Easy…

“To make some improvements to our backyard so that our dryer didn’t vent right onto the outdoor patio, we wanted to move our dryer vent discharge from the back of the house to the side of the house. The old route had an old inefficient outdoor dryer vent hood with non-functioning flapper on the back of the house, and due to the typical connection and access issues had to use the flimsy snaking foil duct to connect the dryer inside the house and push it back into place.

Luckily our laundry room is in the corner of the house. So the new installation includes a much more effective outdoor dryer vent closure out the less visible side of the house, and is a much shorter and more efficient indoor duct routing with less bends that will hopefully lead to better energy savings, less risk, faster drying, and can be easily moved as needed when we need to get a new dryer. The MagVent MV-90 was the final piece that made connecting the dryer and pushing back into place much easier. I was able to do everything myself, and installation of the MagVent was smooth and easy, and gets my recommendation.” -Jon P.

Before and after photos of John P’s MagVent MV-90 installation.