Understanding Dryer Efficiency is Easy…

Your clothes dryer is made to remove moisture from a load of wet clothes. It does this by heating air from the living space and blowing in through the load of clothes as they are tumbled to increase the surface area exposed to the heated air.  Moisture evaporated from the load is then forced through the lint trap and out the dryer exhaust system which is vented outside the home. Anything thing that creates a restriction in the duct path lowers the vent port velocity and decreases the dryer’s ability to remove the moist air from the clothes drum.

Things that lower vent port velocity:

  • Clogged lint trap.  (Clean the lint trap after every load.)

  • Kinked or crushed transition duct.

  • Excessively long duct path.

  • Excessive use of bends and turns.

  • Rough interior surface of ducting.

  • Lint accumulation in vent pipe, transition duct and dryer.

  • Vertical vent paths.

MagVent, a properly designed duct system, and routine cleaning are the solution to boost dryer efficiency and save energy!

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  1. I just got one of the dryer vents through Amazon after my cousin posted a video on Facebook. I looked it up and saw that it came from Canada and then I went to Amazon and purchased one. It came today and I showed it to my apartment manager. They loved it and wanted more information on it to see if maybe it would be something they would put in their complexes. No information came about who makes this or where the company is from. Can you help with this? I would like to help them make it something all apartments have and if it is price effective for them that would be great.

    1. Thank you for your interest in our magnetic dryer vent couplings. MagVent dryer vent couplings are manufactured by MagVent, LLC which is a U.S. based company. Our products can be purchased directly from us via our website, magvent-dryervent.com. They are also available at Lee Valley Tool in Canada.

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