MagVent Has Manufactured an Extraordinary Product

“MagVent has manufactured an extraordinary product. For a decade, with frustration I have had to periodically move our gas dryer in an extremely tight location. This required contortionist maneuvers for a poor outcome. One instance was for a purchase of a new dryer; other times were to reestablish the duct connection to limit dust and […]

Great Product and Highly Recommended

“MagVent was super easy to install, and makes dryer removal and pipe cleaning a breeze. Great product and highly recommended.” – Gary P. #DryerVent #Laundry #EnergyEfficiency #FireSafety #HomeImprovement #MagVent #ClothesDryer #Appliances #DIY #SpaceSavings #Dryer

Great Product!

“We just ordered our second MagVent. We had the MV-180 installed in our Airbnb, and we liked it so much we decided to get another one. Great product!” -Perry S. #DryerVent #Laundry #EnergyEfficiency #FireSafety #HomeImprovement #MagVent #ClothesDryer #Appliances #DIY #SpaceSavings #Dryer  

Great Invention!

“I am appreciative of the MagVent product. It solves a lifelong aggravation. Now I am able to access the back of the dryer without the long snake piping, or aggravating screws/bolts.   Our application closed off the underground run that was encased in concrete. It had some turns that were catching the brush and the […]

Five Star Product!

“This is one of those products that after receiving you immediately think, why didn’t I think of that! I have a side vent out of my dryer that had a gap of about 7 inches between the wall and the dryer. Not exactly optimal for attaching a vent hose to a fixed piece of vent pipe. […]

MagVent MV-90 Installation Was a Breeze…

“Before I installed the MagVent, I was unable to push my dryer as far back as I’d like. In fact, I was unable to move my dryer AT ALL because the exhaust vent was constantly popping off with the slightest movement. Installation of the MagVent MV-90 was a breeze with the provided instructions, and it […]

Super Easy to Install & Very Happy with Purchase

“My current vent was held together with lots of tape and it was a chore to clean the machine and the room. Super easy to install and very happy with my MagVent Purchase. “ -Robbie P.   The following photos illustrate a modified MV-180 installation using a hose clamp where the wall bracket could not […]

The MagVent has helped me so much!

“The MagVent has helped me so much! My wife would tell me ‘Well I’m drying the towels for the third time’. We live a busy life between our 2 boys, us, our jobs and rest of our family. We don’t have time to be drying loads of clothes 2 and 3 times. I found MagVent […]