Low Clearance Installation with MagVent!

“I couldn’t get our dryer pushed back enough to avoid the laundry room door. The reason for this was the aluminum vent tube connecting the dryer to the wall needed a lot of clearance. The biggest issue was that the outlet on the dryer lined up with the outlet on wall, giving us little room to adjust the tubing. Look at all the lint that accumulated after just 3 weeks of using our new dryer! (Please note this was professionally installed by an appliance company when we bought both units). After installing the magnetic wall side ring, it was so clean and so close to wall! It looked amazing, and I’m so excited to be able to push the unit back to wall! There was no other way to do this without major work. I even called an electrician and a plumber to see about other options, but just to come out it was 80 bucks!! The entire MagVent installation was half that!!!” -Jim C.