MagVent Worked Like a Dream…

“My washer & dryer are in a closet in a half bath. It is a tight spot. A few weeks ago the washer stopped spinning and a new set was purchased. I asked the installers to please be sure the dryer vent was hooked up when they finished. They said it was, it was not. So for the next week I had steam & condensation running down the bathroom mirror anytime I dried a load of clothes…..UGH! They new dryer vent wasn’t lined up right, so I went to the hardware store and bought new flex pipe, clamps and a 90 pipe. I pulled the new dryer out and assessed the situation. I sat there on the floor for awhile, upset at my predicament, and remembered seeing an ad on Facebook for Magvent.
I googled it, read the reviews, and ordered it. I packed up all the stuff I got from the hardware store and returned it!!! I am 52, female, and quite handy with tools. After watching the installation video, I was confident I could do it. I hooked that vent up like a pro, slid the dryer in, and it worked like a dream. I have already recommended this system to others.” -Angela R.

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