Another Happy MagVent Customer

“I ordered MagVent MV-90 due to the very limited space behind my dryer. The space is so small, I have to pull the washing machine out in order to gain access to the back of the dryer. This is a true headache. I installed my new dryer a year ago, and it took hours to attach one simple bracket to the back of the dryer. I still had to worry about any movement of the dryer that could dislodge the vent from the back of the dryer. I happen to run across MagVent, and I knew installing the vent to the back of the dryer would be very simple. I would never have to worry about the vent dislodging again. You should clean your dryer vent regularly, especially myself since I have 3 teens and wash a lot of laundry. I found the installation to be simple. I look forward to just pulling the dryer out during servicing of the dryer vent without the worries.”

-Larry B.

Before and After Photos of Larry B.’s installation