How to Install a MagVent in a Smaller than Standard Exit Vent…

     Sometimes, but not often, the manufacturers of dryer vent pipe will slightly narrow the end section of the pipe to accommodate attaching the standard flexible vent hose around the outside of it. Despite this, it is always preferable, and dictated by code in many areas, to have the dryer vent pipe installed inside the exit vent to have the seams of the vent path pointed in the direction of the air flow. 
     Since most dryer vent pipe is made of aluminum and is quite malleable, it is possible to widen the inside diameter enough to fit the MagVent inside. One could use something like the handle of a screwdriver, running it around the inside of the vent pipe to increase the inside diameter, and widen the opening. If that doesn’t work well enough, then one could crimp the tail end of the MagVent with a crimp tool or needle nose pliers. This should narrow the diameter of the MagVent enough to fit inside the vent pipe. The below pictures illustrate the crimping process. It is recommended to crimp the MagVent as little as possible, that way the MagVent still has a tight fit as well as the smoothest interior vent path possible. 

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