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  1. Hello Dennis,

    I apologize for the delay in releasing the MV-180 installation video. It is currently in production and to be posted soon. The MV-180 specifications can be found on the product page of our website. I am emailing you now with the specifications diagram as well as PDF’s of the installation instructions. As far as the offset is concerned, the MV-180 is designed for a direct alignment, however, it can tolerate up to a 3 inch offset in alignment. Just bear in mind that for every inch out of alignment, it will cause your dryer to stick out from the wall an extra inch. Normally, the MV-180 requires 4 inches of clearance behind the dryer. If you have a one inch offset, the required clearance is 5 inches. If you have a 2 inch offset, the required clearance is 6 inches. A three inch offset will require 7 inches of clearance. Thank you.

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