Happy Customer Thanks MagVent!

“Hi, my name is Jeremy Armagost. I am happy to tell you my story.

I had just moved into a new place and attempted to hook up my dryer. The space was tight and I needed a fair amount of foil duct. As I slid the dryer into place, the foil coiled, creating crooks and bends. The dryer began to overheat and needed to be pulled out each time. There had to be a better way. Then, I stumbled upon MagVent! After watching your videos, the solution was simple. I had to have one. This is easily the best money spent. Every penny. Everything I needed arrived quickly. In my case, I was lucky and needed only a flat screwdriver to install. In no time, my dryer was back in place, running cool. Thanks MagVent!”


Along Comes MagVent…