Dryer Fires: Is Your Home Safe?

Dryer fires are a lot more common than most people realize . . . Dryer fires account for over 15,000 structural fires each year, resulting in hundreds of injuries and deaths annually in North America alone. These fires cost homeowners almost 100 million dollars in property damages each year (Based on US CPSC 1998 Report on Dryer Fires).

In CPSC’s 2003 Dryer Safety alert, they recommend using rigid or semi-rigid metal ducting as a way to decrease the likelihood of a dryer fire, citing decreased lint accumulation, and more open duct path as the reason. MagVent makes running a minimum path vent of rigid metal duct a snap!

In the same 2003 Dryer Safety alert, they recommend routine cleaning of the duct path, inside the dryer itself, and, of course, the lint traps after every load. To best clean the inside of your dryer and the vent path, hire a Dryer Vent specialist. MagVent makes maintenance a breeze.

. . .MagVent and routine dryer maintenance are the solution.